Introduction to Blink Health

There are multiple savings programs available to cut your pharmacy costs,ut many of those programs have disadvantages. Blink Health has introduced a new technology which will provide savings of up to 95% while eliminating many of the drawbacks found with other pharmacy discount offers.

The Blink Health Technology Empowers Massive Pharmacy Savings

Blink Health has harnessed the power of the internet and mobile phone apps to secure the best savings and guarantee those savings when you visit the pharmacy. Their proprietary technology allows you to login to your account online or with their phone app and pay for your prescription before you visit the pharmacy.

When you get to the pharmacy, you simply pick up the prescription. There is no charge at the pharmacy because you payed for it, in advance, online. As a result, there are no surprises. You are not faced with embarrassing sticker shock when you pick up your medication. No other savings programs provide this simple yet powerful system.

This innovative approached ensures you are paying the lowest price. It also ensures the price is the same regardless of your choice of pharmacy. You can finally pick the pharmacy with the best service and forget about price shopping. Blink Health takes all the pain out of finding the best price. They do all the work for you.

Blink Health: Medication Shouldn’t Have to Cost A Fortune. Buy Meds For Less!

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Try Blink Health and Save Today

Who Benefits by Using Blink Health?

There are many people who can benefit from Blink Health’s innovative savings approach. Look below to see if you could be one of the many who will potentially save money with every visit to the pharmacy.

Those With Commercial Insurance

Blink Health has made it easy to see if you’re paying a copay that is higher than the Blink Heath negotiated price. Simply login to your account and enter the prescription information to see what the price is. Compare that price to your insurance copay. For example, your copay could be $10 monthly but the Blink Health price is under $15 for a 3 month supply. Simply use Blink Health, and skip your insurance to pay for your prescription.

Your prescription insurance coverage does not guarantee the lowest price, but with Blink Health, you can use your insurance for some of your medications and Blink for the others. You have control and can ensure you always get the best price.

People Who are on Medicare

Regular Medicare doesn’t cover prescriptions and Medicare Part D has a major “hole” in the system. You can use Blink Health to lower the price of your medications while avoiding the dreaded coverage gap more affectionately know as the “doughnut hole”.

The Uninsured

It goes without saying, if you do not have insurance, you will need any help you can get. Prescription drug prices can be un-affordable, and to make matters worse, prescription drug prices can vary dramatically from pharmacy to pharmacy. Blink Health ensures you will pay the same discounted price wherever you choose to get you prescription filled.

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