About Save at the Pharmacy

Save at the Pharmacy was developed to provide information the consumer can use to decrease their pharmacy costs while maintaining their health. You have likely heard reports of people having to decide between buying groceries or medications. No one should faced with that kind of problem. We are here to help you navigate the high costs often found on prescription and over the counter medications. Many times there is a way to save on your medication just by shopping around. Other times you can pay less for alternative treatments that are equally effective.

About Drug Prices

Drug manufacturers spend hundreds of millions (sometimes billions) of dollars on drug development. Add to this the fact that only about 1 in 3 medications actually make a profit. In order to cover those costs, the manufacturers sets very high prices for a tablet that often costs pennies to make.  We are here to help you pay a fair price for medications.

Your Doctor’s Role

We are here to show you it is possible to save money on your medications without sacrificing your health. There are many ways to pay spend less for your health care. Your doctor is there to make sure you get the best treatment possible. But your doctor may not be aware of the price of the medications prescribed. It is not their job to know all the prices of all the medications at the various pharmacies. The information you will find on this site will help ensure you get the care you need and a fair price.


Your Insurance Company

It is in your insurance companies best interest to spend the least amount possible for medications. They do this with high copays, restrictive formularies and many other hurdles. These barriers make it more expensive for the consumer and may compromise the patients health in the process. It is often possible to pay less for medications by using a prescription discount card instead of submitting the claim to your insurance company. There are other ways to save on medications despite the restrictions placed on you by the insurance company.

Don’t Have Insurance?

It’s not a very good feeling having to visit the pharmacy without insurance coverage and wondering if you can afford the prescription your doctor prescribed. You can use a pharmacy savings card and know you are getting the best price possible. Pharmacy prices are often set arbitrarily high and the uninsured end up paying more than is reasonable. A savings card can reduce the cash price by up to 70-80% depending on the medication.

Finally, you are not alone. You can find all kinds of advice and savings techniques on this site to ensure you can afford the care you need and deserve.

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